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Breaking Bad - The Game's the Game yo!

Hi Guys!! I am soooo sorry for the long hiatus, I just suck at non-work related internetting these days, that is the honest to God truth. Also age is catching up with me I think, cause I totally suck at multi-tasking in real life and being super involved in fandom related stuff at the same time. I swear I'll need to take time off at work in order to fully focus on LJ and fanfic that has been on hiatus for far too long. *heads desk repetitively*

I do read posts and contribute every now and again. Yeah I know. I suck. But enough of that, let's talk Breaking Bad!!!

I love that show. No I really love that show. But it's the kind of love I do not feel when I am not watching it, if that makes any sense at all. Like I don't gush about it to people who don't watch or aren't interested. Alls I know is, I start watching it and I'm like IN IT, in Walt and Jesse, Skylar, Hank's world 100%... I start watching other stuff like Homeland, Suits, The Good Wife, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, whatever and I put Albuqurque (sp?) in the back of mind. Although I will have a random thought like Breaking Bad would have handled that so much better.

Also, it's not popular in my part of the world. So I don't know anyone who is not my friend on the internet who watches it and/or enjoys it.

But then Vince worked on the X-Files, I mean come on he wrote/co-wrote; Pusher, Unruhe, Bad Blood, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Small Potatoes (ah the almost kiss), Folie A Deux, Unusual Suspects, Monday, Je Souhaite ... I digress.

So onto my thoughts on the show!

I'm gonna bullet point cause yeah, am a little lazy. Also and this is important, I watched season 1 of the show in 2011, then season 2  earlier this year (like March or something), I have managed to keep myself spoiler free.

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- Oh I think Walt treats Jesse more like family than he does his own family at this point. I mean yes,  he loves his family and still does family shaped things but yeah there's these little things that happen that show that to me...It's very interesting.

hello my friends

Hey you guys!!

So sorry I've been MIA... my internets have been logging me out of lj, every single time I have logged in. This is actually a mobile post. So am gonna keep it short and sweet. Miss you guys very much. What's been going on!? Fill me in and just basically holla at your girl! XX

P.S. LJ is threatening to disconnect my account...what's up with that!?


If all my casual and dedicated flisties read nothing else on Gossip Girl Season 5 (and the finale) and everything to do with the show since season 2... Read this by Laura Prudom:

I think she nails all the issues without losing her temper too much. And yes she too feels like there is no point to season 6 and that Blair's portrayal in Season 5 was the biggest travesty of all.

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You may refer to me as God

You guys!!! I found this GIF last week and I wanted to share it with all y'all flisters so that I could remind you of the awesomeness that is Starbuck and BSG. 

So for those of y'all who've seen it before... rewatch? Noobs (to the show)... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? 

Watch this show you will not regret it. I promise.
dair kiss bw


Hello new friends! Hello old friends! *waves*

YOU GUYS!! Thank God it's FRIDAY!! 

So obvs I've spent the last couple weeks swamped with work, March Madness and reading Dan/Blair fanfic. OFC!

So as for some of the great fics I've read... my girl softly_me is hosting crack_van and she asked for some recs, seriously check these out, they're ah-mazing!

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                                                                   2011 MASTERLIST
Happy New Year (and Spring) to you all my lovelies! I love you all very much and I appreciate all y’all so much.

Honestly, when I look at my flist or think about it, the feeling is very similar to the way I feel when I hear “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

Okay so on to the bidness...

I have mild OCD so I gotta do this. And when I’m done doing this, I have to do an overall masterlist. Although with the cray-crayness of the new LJ am not quite sure there’s a point to my doing an overall masterlist of my fics, that is. I do have a Dreamwidth account with the same name after all. But then again I don’t deal well with change so I don’t see myself immediately (or belatedly) abandoning LJ either.

First off I will start with my fics that I wrote in 2011, then on to the recs… now my recs will be divided into fics, and other things be they picspams, meta, vids, blogs...

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Blair Waldorf Confession

Fic: A Waldorf in Brooklyn

Title: A Waldorf in Brooklyn

Author: Dulcedecorumest aka Dulcedeusex

Fandom: Gossip Girl

Characters: Dan/Blair

Prompt: For lookafteryou13 , the request was future fic, No Chuck, angst optional

Word count: 2,747

Beta: ivorykeys09 you are such a doll.

A/N: This is my second Gossip Girl fic ever and am wicked nervous because these two are my OTP and am so much in awe of the people who really can write these two incredibly well. This was written for the Dairficexchange (fics were due on the 7th of February 2012) then I waited for it to be posted at the comm and nothing happened so I decided to post it anyway. Hope it doesn't suck. :-)

~ xx ~

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christmas lunch shenanigans

Hey y'all!

First of what is this new LJ BS going on!? Second of all happy holidays to y'all! Thirdly, I decided to cook Xmas lunch for small family gathering... I live and am from southern Africa. So Christmas is in the height of summer for us. Therefore, I made lasagne from scratch, honey and greek yoghurt glazed goat ribs, cheesy potato bake and a fresh green salad with cherry tomatoes and my secret salad dressing! Cool right? Yeah until three unexpected guests showed up! It all worked out in the end but I gotta say thank the lord am not hosting New Year's Eve!

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